A downloadable Hyalinum : Intro for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You wake up one night, in the desert.

Something is calling you from far away.

Will you arrive at destination ?


This game is the prologue of my next project in devlopment.

Consider it was  my first commercial game and it is a very narrative game walking simulatore genre.

Hyalinum : Introduction lasts around 15  minutes, it is a an atmospherical, narrative and linear experience. There are little game mechanics with no big difficulties.

That following is a game with 3 levels and completly different mechanics, it will not  be a walking simulator. 

HYALINUM is a wandering experience that will lead the player to meet someone else.

I explain all of it about my project HERE. French FAQ here.

Buy Hyalinum : Introduction and get a free key for Hyalinum : The Game !

Hyalinum  is in development since April 4th.

Useful  informations:

  • Languages : english and french.
  • ZQSD or WASD to move.
  • Shift to run.
  • Echap to pause.
  • 2gb of ram needed. 

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